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almost 8 years ago

Hack Day - Communication Tools

Greetings IoT Hackathoners!

I'm (Patrick Delaney) working on setting up a few tools which will hopefully make the communication during #iothackday more robust, for those who are interested.

  1. I have set up a Slack Group.  If you haven't used Slack before, I highly encourage you to try.  It's basically an internal team instant messaging tool which works really was used by NASA teams to design rovers to put on Mars!  If you're interested in joinging the IoT Hack Day Slack Team, please send me your email addresses or Slack IDs to -
  2. If you use Twitter...any Tweets with #iothackday will from now on automatically be followed by @iotmpls and put into an IoTHackDay list.  
  3. I am working on a tool that will summarize all of the #iothackday Tweets...not sure how that will look yet, but you can view it at

Thanks for your interest & participation!