Teams will have 12 hours to build the best solution that they can based on what they have submitted as their project to the challenge. The event will kick off with each team sharing what they are aiming to build and have completed by that evening - 12 hours later. Teams will be able ( and encouraged ) to help eachother if they wish. If someone needs some solder, a resistor, etc, we encourage others to steps up and help. At the end of the day there will be presentations by each team on what they completed. Finally, a public vote by all in attendance will decide the winners. The top 3 teams will all receive prizes for their efforts.

Try to build the best IoT solution that you can with the tools and time you are given. You should be open and hoest with the other teams participating and and follow the same rules that we have adopted from the local Twin Cities CoderDojo group:

  • Welcoming - everyone is welcome to participate
  • Educational - Learn from eachother
  • Fair - We are open and transparent and strive for fairness
  • Cool - The entire experience for IoTHackDay should be cool and expect cool behavior in return.