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almost 8 years ago

Team Building

Hey there IoT Hackers!

Team Recruitment Assistance from Meetup Group

We've had some questions on assistance with team building and recruitment.  For those who are interested in help building their teams via an email blast through our group, please do the following by tomorrow evening at 9PM:

  1. Post a comment on your project if you're looking for team members, and what types of skills you are looking for.
  2. Update the skills needed on your project.

What We Will Do To Help

I (Patrick) will go onto the submissions website and copy/paste project information into an email, including what the teams are looking for.  Then I will make an email blast listing out the project descriptions with what types of team members each are looking for and send that out.

What You Can Do To Help Us Help You

If you're looking for team members, it's always helpful to spruce up your project entry posting.  Some suggested ideas:

  • Make an intro video introducing yourself and the project and put it on YouTube, and link from Devpost.  Having people online know that it's a real person will help more than anything.
  • If you have a more business-focused project - perhaps some quick marketing/MBA math to tell folks about your market size.  Do some searches online for market reports showing the, "size of the pie," that you're going after.  This may help people feel interested and engaged in the space.
  • If you have a more feel-good, "save the bees," type of approach like mine (Patrick's), make sure to let people know about the background behind your problem and why you're interested.
  • If you have more of a learning-based project, talk a bit about how you might be able to help others learn during your project and what learning opportunties.
  • Check out Ken Chang's project - he's got something like 8 members!
  • Post your project on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc...or your favorite social media.
  • Help others recruit members for their teams!  If you help others, they will help you as well...everyone is looking for different skill sets.  Follow other users on Devpost so you can see their updates.  The power of the crowd will help all of us more than anything.
  • Post discussions and updates on Devpost - letting others know what you're looking for, and what you have to help others.  Believe in the power of the crowd!

Thanks much for your participation, this is going to be awesome!