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Internet Access at Minnetronix

On the "Equipment for IoT Hack Day" thread, there were some questions about internet access. I thought this worth bringing out to it's own thread. Corporate IT policies change frequently, so take this for what it's worth. But at last year's IoTHackday, we were able to connect a router to a hard wired ethernet port at Minnetronix, and were able to DHCP and setup our own wireless AP and private LAN. We then used another router in wireless bridge mode to provide ethernet connections for Pi's and Arduino ethernet shields.

So, if you got hardware that needs hardwired ports, bring a router (one with firmware that can do wireless bridge mode like Tomato or dd-wrt). Even if you just need wireless, it's nice to be able to access the router's client list. Hopefully we can make the same setup work. I'll bring a spare router that can do the job.

Now that I think about it, quite a few of our sponsors equipment work better with internet connection. Smart Things (cloud automation engine), Particle and Light Blue Bean (cloud compilers). We'll contact Minnetronix and try to test out a router to see if this will work again.



  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hi Everyone! Eric and myself stopped by Minnetronix today and he tested out having his router setup as a wireless AP to the outside. Everything seemed to work perfectly. We successfully connected hardware to a number of the cloud platforms (SmartThings, Particle and Bean) and confirmed that things worked as expected. Those who need access to the outside on Oct 17th should be able to connect to his AP and use the private LAN to do what they need for their projects. BIG thanks to Eric for taking the time to help and test this out!

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    Since many of us are going to be on the same LAN, please refrain from accessing other people's devices. i.e. no hacking :)

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    If you have equipment you want to connect to the event router, take note of your mac address.

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