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Equipment For IoT Hack Day

Tonight during the meeting (3 Sept 2015) one of the questions that came up was about equipment for IoT Hack Day. Minnetronix has some on-site equipment which we may be able to use. Can that be posted here? For others bringing equipment...can they also post what they would allow others to borrow or use?


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    Personally, I have a couple soldering irons, and a ton of resistors and random electronic discrete components (capacitors, etc). I also have a really good power supply, multi-meter, etc. I would be willing to go in on a 3D printer if there are a few people that want to share one. I can't see myself using it full-time so I would definitely want to share going forward.

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    I'll bring in some voltage regulators (3.3 and 5V), diodes, caps and resistors, and random assortment of sensors. I also have a 2D printer.

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    Here's a short list of what I talked about with from Minnetronix. I'm working on getting additional info, but these items we can count on:

    1. Soldering guns
    2. Solder
    3. Resistors
    4. LED's
    5. Mini-drill Press

    If anyone has a 3D printer that they would be able to bring again this year that would be awesome! I'm not sure if Doug or Paige are attending again this year.

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    I ran into someone at the drones event on 9/17/2015 who mentioned they have a 3D printer and was thinking of bringing it / signing up. I can't recall that guy's name.

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    +1 for Eric's description of a "2D Printer," -- we really need to retroactively call all "printers" 2D printers. Also, a 1D printer would be what...a bar code?

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    Question from Brian Thomas on Internet @ Minnetronix - "Will Minnetonix have multiple IoT devices that are acting as web servers?" E.g. how are we going to deal with firewalls? Will anyone be able to provide a cellular router? Will Minnetronix be able to set up a separate network? Will there be Ethernet cables available as well?

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    Thanks for the questions! Minnetronix will not be able to setup a separate network. I can find out details of their "guest" network that we will have access to, but in general I'm thinking you should be able to get out to any cloud services you need. However, if you are planning to host anything internally, I would suggest you bring a your own wireless router. I have an old Netgear router I can dig up and bring, but if anyone else in the group has old routers, please bring them. You then will be able to setup your own network and have your devices/server on that. I will also ask Minnetronix about ethernet cables, but this is another thing that I would suggest getting ahead of time and bringing on your own. If people in the groups brings a few of these things, we should be able to help each other out. As a side note, regarding hosting and running your own server, there's a number of free/trial cloud services like Heroku, App Engine, Azure, etc that I recommend looking into running your web services on that day. I'll also see if Verizon (as one of our sponsors) might be open to giving us a cellular hotspot to use if we are in a pinch. Any other questions, please keep asking!

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    I found out some more information on the tools and equipment for IoTHackDay. Minnetronix can supply some basic hand tools and supplies if needed.

    * Hacksaw
    * Screwdrivers
    * Pliers
    * Wrenches
    * Shears
    * Adhesives/sealants
    * Microscope
    * 3D printer (takes a really long time to print a part)

    We also have access to larger machine. However, for safety reasons, someone from Minnetronix will need to be present and handle the work if you need to use any of the larger machines.

    * Lathe
    * Vertical Mill
    * Bandsaws
    * Larger drill presses
    * Sheet metal Shear and Brake (great for cutting variboard)

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    Brian and I are bringing our 3D printers. First-come, first-served, but remember, 3D printing is not a fast process, so probably only useful for making smaller parts.
    Plus the usual mish mash of electronics tools and some small saws and drills, etc...
    If I bring the 40W laser cutter, which cuts about 9"x12", it will on a cart this time, and I think we would just take B&W image or PDF files and cut, and not try to do training, or cut thicker materials, which took too long last year.

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    We will have SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator available to help with 3D and 2D file generation, if needed.

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